Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Meet McNeil's Shirt

As you know, McNeil is perhaps the world's foremost analyst of photographic representations of Phil. Like many scholars, McNeil has become obsessed with his subject. In the attached photo, for example, McNeil struggles to find his own "Philness," duplicating as closely as possible the compositional aesthetics of the recent photograph of Phil's shirt, which also happens to be the subject of McNeil's latest analysis. We present McNeil's findings for your delectation: "I've sent the photo of Phil off to the lab for 'blow-up analysis' as we call it (up-close squinting), and have determined that Phil has a goatee, and that there is possibly a Dunkin Donuts (?) sign behind him in another room, perhaps a break room. Over his left shoulder is a whitish painting, and over his right a darkish painting - representing, no doubt, the good and bad little devils that whisper naughty and nice things into Phil's ear all day long. Hey, I'm just analyzing what the techs in the lab give me - filtered through what I read on the John Milton chat rooms."