Sunday, April 20, 2008

Complaint Department

I didn't "blog" yesterday, which upsets McNeil - as my sole reader - very, very much. He has written several times to reiterate how sick he is of looking at that pangolin. He asks me to "post" something, anything, just "not something from the *&%^$& bird correspondent." (Mr. McNeil's typographical euphemism, which we can only assume stands for "dear.") Yes, Mr. McNeil, how manly. You have made it quite clear in what contempt you hold nature, especially in the form of pangolins, birds, and (in the distant past) groundhogs. And yet was it not you who wished to inform me of the deer in your parents' yard? Aha! Hoist on your own petard, to quote (or misquote) your precious Shakespeare. But very well. Enjoy this recipe for my famous sausage and peppers, which appears today on Maud Newton's otherwise exemplary "blog."