Monday, April 28, 2008

Decline and Fall of the Maltese Bippy

Boy! Our friend at "She Blogged By Night" sure does hate THE MALTESE BIPPY! Indeed she mounts an uncompromising and persuasive argument which convinces me that her hatred is appropriate, though I have never seen the film and despite our desire never to express negative opinions on the "blog." Poor McNeil managed to struggle through a few minutes of the movie (he made it to the mock "intermission" that happens almost immediately) and seemed to end up in SBBN's camp without the benefit/curse of her admirable perseverance (she seems to watch everything all the way through). I must say, though, we here at the "blog" feel that SBBN is a little too harsh with Jo Anne Worley and her magnificent boa (pictured). Why drag the innocent Ms. Worley into it? She is perfectly lovely and amusing. We have always thought of her as the female Charles Nelson Reilly (a high compliment around these parts!), at least insofar as they both made a noise like, "Mnrrrrrrr." (We will give a special prize to the person who comes up with the best phonetic spelling of the noise in question, because "Mnrrrrrr" really doesn't do it justice at all.) In closing, I suppose we must grudgingly note the cigarette holder for old times' sake.