Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I found out today from Maud Newton's "blog" that Tom Bissell has a new story in the VIRGINIA QUARTERLY REVIEW. Even better: his story is about a superhero. So I ran down to Off Square Books (where such items may be had) and picked up my very own personal copy. And here is what I found out. There are other superhero stories in the same issue! And one of them is by George Singleton! I suppose that if there is anything that would make me just as happy as reading a superhero story by Tom Bissell, it is reading (or just imagining) a superhero story by George Singleton. Then I opened the front cover and saw that online, in the "VQR vault," you can read "Dozens of manuscripts and letters [including] his first rejected submissions" of John Berryman! Oh, "internet." I'm sorry I ever doubted you. (Pictured, Ben Affleck, whose movie DAREDEVIL directly inspired my own superhero short story "Sex Devil" [which has been reprinted in its entirety on the NPR "web" site]. For more on my complicated relationship with Daredevil, check out my "comment" on "Paper Cuts" [the book "blog" of the New York Times], wherein I recall the time I accidentally walked out of Schambeau's grocery store in Bayou La Batre, Alabama without paying for my Daredevil comic book. Hey! How did this get to be all about "me"? Is it a "blog" or something?)