Friday, April 25, 2008

References Galore

Barry B. and I were always big fans of the beautiful, obsessive magazine Video Watchdog, founded by Tim Lucas. So we were happily surprised when - back in the day - an issue referenced our kids' show (Rudy & GoGo). Well, now, with the launch of the Rudy & GoGo "web" site, Mr. Lucas has seen fit to pay tribute to the show on his "blog." I have received three emails telling me about the "post" - one from Barry, one from my ex-boss Lisa, and one from the poet Graham Lewis - the only person I have ever met who spontaneously brought up the little-known Rudy & GoGo Show in conversation without realizing I had anything to do with it. That was a real shocker! And the beginning of a beautiful friendship. In closing, I also "link" for your pleasure to a Video Watch"Blog" "post" on the subject of "Blog" Hero Jerry Lewis. Speaking of Jerry, there was an appreciative (I'm pretty sure!) reference to him in the New York Times today, hidden in a review of BABY MAMA. And speaking of references, the NBIL draws our attention to a reference to THE WIRE in last night's episode of THE OFFICE. References! What would we do without them? Yes, I'm cramming everything into a single "post" today. Sue me. And if you expect another simpering apology about "paragraph breaks," forget it, bub! In fact, I will, at this moment, succumb to my temptation for more cramming. I will say, for example, that if you wish to find out what I mean by "beautiful [and] obsessive" in that first sentence, "click" here to check out Mr. Lucas's exploration of the strange relationship between Jerry Lewis, THE NUTTY PROFESSOR, and the comic book version of Dobie Gillis. Finally I will remark that the past tense of the first sentence may have given an incorrect impression. The print magazine, Video Watchdog, is still going strong. (Note to the purveyor of our favorite Aquaman "blog": the newest issue features Dr. Who.) I suppose I might have gone back and corrected the grammar but I'm in a cramming mood. I will note also that Graham Lewis is not to be confused with the bassist from the great band Wire, which is not to be confused with the aforementioned TV show THE WIRE. Cramming! Cram, cram, cram! I'll be disappointed in you if you don't quit your job and spend all day "clicking" on each and every "link." Now if you will excuse me.