Thursday, September 06, 2007

All Worked Up

I was just reading a new entry about the literary critic James Wood over on the "The Elegant Variation." For some reason, that always gets me worked up! My mind drifts back to the cherubic "public intellectual" (not James Wood) I saw on C-Span 2, and how sad and depressed he was because he couldn't "tap his toes" to John Coltrane or Sonny Rollins. Hey, you know, John Coltrane doesn't care, buddy! John Coltrane is all like, "zzeeiwheeidiipppidoooo" on his saxophone and there's no answer for that! Oh, I'm getting all worked up thinking about it. So anyway, reading about James Wood today gave me an idea for a New Yorker style cartoon. See, there's a fireman running out of a burning building holding a baby he has saved, and there's a guy in a business suit standing on the sidewalk with his hands cupped around his mouth yelling, "YOU'RE NOT DOING IT RIGHT!" Somebody let me know if this idea has already been taken. It seems kind of obvious, like everything else.