Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Map of Shame

Sheri Joseph, our bird correspondent, sent along this map (pictured) to shame me into admitting that I could not have seen a raven in the yard. The map shows some of the places one might see a raven in the yard, and none of them are Mississippi. Please do not misinterpret the title of this "post"! We do not think it is a shame that there are ravens in so many North American locations. Far from it! We refer only to the shame that the bird correspondent wishes to pile upon us. For example, she asks in the email accompanying her map of shame, "So, describe big for me. Like, how big? Like, compared to a squatting human 2-year-old?" Now we can only describe the tone of this question as shaming! And, uh, we don't know. Almost as big as a duck? We know that we did not use the bird correspondent's "squatting 2-year-old" standard. Maybe that's a special ornithology scale we know nothing about. In any case, let us concede that we are crazy and have hallucinations and consider the matter closed.