Wednesday, September 05, 2007

And What About Rats

As long as the "blog" seems to be headed in this zoological direction (I believe it all started with this rabbit), we should cut-and-paste an email we just received from old "Blog" Buddy Caroline. "I witnessed incontrovertible evidence of the distinction between rat and squirrel this week," Caroline reports. "And truly, up to this point, I have always thought of squirrels as rats with a good hairdresser and tree climbing prowess. But d***! [mild profanity deleted - ed.] I was following a BMW out of Reynoldstown and all of a sudden, what I take to be a squirrel comes flying out of the road directly in the path of the fancy car ahead and I brace for a squirrel to heaven moment. When- at the same time, I realize - (1) the squirrel in question has left home without her fuzzy tail, (2) the varmint is not a squirrel at all and is actually a huge rat, and (3) the rodent proceeds to pull off a semi-miraculous mary lou retton-esque bounce right off the designer hubcap, flips over its heels and runs right back under the home-in-renovation that it came out of... I only wish I were a savvy cell-phone wielding twenty something video junkie and this could all be posted on YouTube right now," Caroline concludes. "Instead, I am just eaten up on the inside wondering how and why squirrels don't have this built in bump and twist maneuver skill down?"