Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sorry, McNeil

This one's for McNeil, though I hope he doesn't find out from me. The man who spotted the Mel Shavelson obit and grasped its significance is nobody's slouch, so he probably already knows. But here it is: Brett Somers, the wife of Jack Klugman and a reliable game show fixture of our callow youth, has passed away. When I was a kid, watching her smoke her cigarettes and make her witty cracks, she reminded me of one of my grandmothers - the smoking, remark-making one. Back then everybody had two grandmothers - one who smoked and made statements and one who didn't. I'm not sure when grieving the passing of MATCH GAME cast members became the primary purpose of the "blog," but I believe she was in a "clip" McNeil "posted" here recently (see the Klugman "link," above), and it would be churlish not to give her some appreciation and express our condolences.