Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Let's Change the Subject

Lizards! So, I've been reading the new George Singleton book, WORK SHIRTS FOR MADMEN. It makes me laugh... sometimes in bed after Theresa is asleep. So I kind of choke with politeness. Anyway, lizards! I opened it up to where I left off last night, and what's the first thing I read? Something about "those little green lizards that change colors but ain't really chameleons." And why is this sentence fragment worthy of mention on the "blog"? Well, my brother and I were just talking about those lizards on the phone LAST NIGHT! And trying to think of what they were called. In fact, we said they weren't really chameleons, and used (almost) Singleton's exact words, with the exception of "ain't," I think. It came up because my brother found one (of the lizards, I mean) in his garage in Beverly Hills, California, yesterday. But it was OVER A FOOT LONG! Which is not normal. Adding to the many portentous coincidences, my brother knew nothing about the giant crow that has been the cause of so much contention recently in this eastern branch of the family. He was independently seeing his own giant animals! Nor did either of us have any way of guessing that those lizards would come up immediately in the book I happen to be reading. By the way, the correct name for those lizards is anole. Thanks, George Singleton! Thanks, universe!