Thursday, September 20, 2007

McNeil's Tube

Welcome once again to our newest daily feature. Don't worry, I'm going to think of a better title tomorrow. One that won't make you sick! For now, as promised, I will "link" to the inscrutable beauty of McNeil's daily YouTube clip without editorializing: "Click" here. I will, however, "post" an aside about a former clip. Last night I went to hear Singleton read... a treat as always. Anyway, while I was standing in line to get my book signed, another guy remarked to me, "You never know who you're going to see in Oxford. It's like on the old Dean Martin show when Dean would open the door and you always wondered who would be standing there." I was amazed! I told him that I had just "posted" such an incident on my "blog" the other day. "No way!" he cried. Either he was pulling my leg (in which case he was quite a good leg puller) or once again (as I prefer to believe) the "blog" exerts its mystical powers on the physical universe. Yes, that's probably it.