Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mutual "Blog"preciation Society

Phil Oppenheim reports that he watched and enjoyed the Carlos Jacott film HIGHBALL, thanks to the "blog's" placement of it in the McNeil's Movie Korner Film Festival. By coincidence, McNeil called yesterday to say that Phil ought to have a "blog" feature in which he recommends "old-timey books" (McNeil's memorable phrase), McNeil having enjoyed his Stephen Leacock recommendation so much. See? McNeil and Phil have never met, yet their cultural tastes have been cross-pollinated thanks to the "blog"! This is what "blogging" is all about, people. But I do believe it's safe to say that with our pal Anonymous's mention of Kevin Sorbo, we are no longer in danger of being considered a "litblog." That was a close one!