Friday, September 21, 2007

Phil's Radio Korner

We proudly unveil the newest of all our brand new features: Phil's Radio Korner. This is where Phil Oppenheim tells you about good things he has heard on the radio. Now we turn it over to Phil: "You ever listen to Bob Dylan’s “Theme Time Radio Hour” (on XM, but easily found online, too)? I was listening to an old episode (“Food”) when Bob played a song that I hadn’t heard before, but loved instantly. You know Mingus’s 'Eat That Chicken' from the album 'Oh Yeah'? It sounds like a signal beamed in from the craziest, drunkest, Dixieland band, playing for winos and conspirators in some dark abandoned bar (Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop, maybe?)." Thanks for the recommendation, Phil! This has been Phil's Radio Korner.