Friday, September 14, 2007

McNeil's Movie Korner?

This latest edition of McNeil's Movie Korner comes equipped with a titular question mark, as the more astute of you will observe. We cannot be entirely sure it comes from McNeil, though all physical evidence points in that direction. Still, judge for yourself: "Watching a few minutes of UNDER THE YUM YUM TREE before I go to work...something I always do. It helps psych me up for unloading trucks. Anyway, I noticed that Hilary Clinton and Shirley Jones look an awful lot alike." You can see the problems! 1) We are pretty sure that Shirley Jones is not in UNDER THE YUM YUM TREE - a mistake the real McNeil would never make. Is he thinking, perhaps, of Dean Jones? This produces even more problems and concerns. 2) Hilary Clinton and Shirley Jones look nothing alike! But we are indebted to McNeil for lighting a fire under the recently lethargic "blog." Perhaps that was his generous intent all along.