Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Don't Blame the Good Wife

Tonight the TV program THE GOOD WIFE wasn't anything like I told you it would be. Don't blame the Good Wife! Everybody wants something from her. The Good Wife is pulled in so many directions! So in that sense I was right, because I told you that the Good Wife has problems of her own. Well, tonight this guy comes in with a problem, the way they always do, and I thought the Good Wife was going to help him, how she always does. Because the guy was like, "This isn't about the money!" He was all, "There are important things at stake!" These are the types of people the Good Wife enjoys helping. But suddenly the Good Wife was taken off the case! And I was like, "What? How will the problem ever get solved without the Good Wife?" So this woman came along who had nothing to do with the important problem and basically USED THE GOOD WIFE AS A PAWN IN HER SCHEME! That's not what should happen to the Good Wife! The Good Wife is not some patsy! And she never went back and never helped the noble guy with the tragic problem. So that was an unusual episode of THE GOOD WIFE.