Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Gander at Jasper; or, Jerry in the Rye

We were gone! Now we're back! Did you miss us? Where were we? None of your beeswax! Okay, we went to Atlanta to take a gander at Jasper, okay? He's awesomely adorable! We also ate in a restaurant. We looked upon the wise visage of Jasper, ate at a restaurant, and came back. It was fun! Upon our return, I found a message from a "blog" source who goes by the pseudonym "unemployed reporter" because she is an unemployed reporter. She told me that Jerry Lewis tried to get permission to make a movie of CATCHER IN THE RYE! So that was exciting news. According to the Levy book (so I must have known this before and forgotten it), he wanted to play Holden! Here's a quotation: "Salinger's sister told me if anyone would get it from him it would be me... He's nuts also. And that's the only reason that he's entertaining talking to me - because he likes nuts." So we ate at an old favorite restaurant in our old Atlanta neighborhood, Theresa and I did. They put photos of their regular customers on a wall in the back. I was fearful that our photo would have been taken down. We haven't been back in almost three years! But the people remembered us and welcomed us back warmly and the food was just as great as we remembered (I had guanciale!) and the picture was still up so I didn't have to fly into an insane rage and start raking photos of usurpers off the wall, which I was totally prepared to do. Thanks for making it feel like old times, La Tavola! See you again soon, Jasper! Go for it, Jerry!