Thursday, May 07, 2009

Big Pink

Look! It's John Currence accepting his James Beard award on a big pink screen! Allow me to rend in twain my pitiful veil of secrecy and tie all my recent "posts" together and say that Elvis Costello and I were pictured on John's back porch, celebrating his achievement. John had just returned to town with his impressive and heavy James Beard medal, which we all took turns wearing while eating a big delicious dinner. John said that if you win a James Beard award and then go to a restaurant, they may suddenly and without provocation give you a thirty-year-old bottle of wine that is as thick and chewy as paint and turns your teeth black and tastes amazing. Elvis Costello mentioned a startling personal fact about Porter Wagoner. I mumbled a lot and tried to hold it together. At the end of the evening I picked up Bess - who is married to John Currence - and carried her around the house for some reason and that is how we knew it was the end of the evening.