Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Great Scur of the Disbudded Unicorn

Well, hi there! Miss me? Perhaps you are wondering why I have been "blogging" later than usual for lo these many weeks. Or perhaps you are not wondering. Perhaps you did not notice. Indeed I am certain that you did not. No matter! I will tell you anyway. I have started a new project and have gone back to my old "five page" plan of literary discipline, which sadly cuts into my "blogging" time, so vital to the health of the nation, if not the world. I have begun to seek a title for the new project; in fact I am soliciting titles (without revealing the content in question, because who says a title has to "go" with anything inside the book? Some old square says that, I guess). I suppose the leading submission so far in my titular sweepstakes is THE GREAT SCUR OF THE DISBUDDED UNICORN. That one came from the brother-in-law I sometimes refer to here as the OBIL to distinguish him from the other brothers-in-law. And it has "first volume in the bestselling fantasy series" written all over it. The OBIL explained that the other day he was talking to a goat farmer who told him about disbudding a goat, and how the disbudded goat might have a scur. Send YOUR title to "Writer" c/o Oxford, MS 38655. There are no prizes or rewards, save quiet satisfaction. And don't worry! They don't have to be super fancy like the OBIL's. Sometimes a simple title is best! As unicorns have been famously banned from the "blog" (see the UNICORN "link" above for details), here is a picture of a wyvern for you to enjoy.