Friday, May 15, 2009

McNeil's Rest Stop Ramblings

McNeil has lived up to his promise to send us some "rest stop ramblings." He is "texting" them from his "phone" quicker than I can cut-and-paste them. I suppose they are too short to constitute actual "ramblings," but if I string them together they may represent at least one decent ramble. WARNING! Some of them are scatological in nature as I suppose is inevitable when the subject is rest stops. 1) "At a VA rest stop, all the bill changers had been removed from the drink machines - so they would only accept 5 quarters...." 2) "I made up a little ditty -- 'Carry me back to old Virgini, but 5 quarters you better gimme.'" 3) "At same rest stop a man went into a stall with 2 rolls of toilet paper. My 4 yr old son and i left quickly." 4) "A bird pooped on my face while i was eating a white creamy cheese @ the shore."