Saturday, May 23, 2009

Phil Comes Through

Wow! For a guy with ambivalent feelings about my aesthetic hero Jerry, that Phil can really come through with the goods. Look at this amazing Jerry Lewis film festival he found - the organizers (Cinefamily, they're called) proclaim it "the first in LA ever!" (exclamation point theirs) It starts in just a few weeks! (exclamation point mine) Nine Jerry Lewis movies by my count, including that rarity CRACKING UP... which the program notes inform me was one of Jonathan Rosenbaum's top films of 1983. Please, my Californian friends, go! Go in my stead. And file copious reports. PS - I also like this properly audacious quotation from the program notes: "To enter the world of Jerry can be like entering the world of Joyce or Shakespeare." Cinefamily, you are my kind of people!