Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Two Fellows Making Funny Faces and How They Got That Way

You know, when I was "researching" all that GREEN ACRES stuff, I came across an old "post" in which Arnold the Pig and the absurdist playwright Eugene Ionesco seemed to be looking at one another with similar facial expressions, thanks to my gift for illustrating my "posts" in a hilarious manner. However, I had acquired those pictures through "stealing bandwidth," which was a thing I used to do before I knew it had a name and was a bad thing to do. That got me to thinking about another "post" from long ago, featuring similarly stolen bandwidth and two fellows making funny faces. It was when I happened to write a little divertissement involving Red Skelton and Jeb Stuart Magruder. So here they are, together again, presented in the proper manner that is not stealing. When you "steal bandwidth" sometimes your pictures go away or are replaced by purposefully saucy substitutions to teach you a lesson for stealing. But now thanks to technology Red Skelton and Jeb Stuart Magruder will be with us forever. First Foster Brooks and Marty Allen, now Red Skelton and Jeb Stuart Magruder. Is there anything I won't do to pander to the youth market?