Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Important Robot Update

I know everyone has been wanting to hear more about the Foster Brooks robot, photographs of which I was the first and practically only person to place on the "internet" - and anyone else who has "posted" a photo of the Foster Brooks robot is using one of mine, not to brag or anything. Well, DJ Gnosis has been doing some digging. It seems that the Foster Brooks robot cost "$150,000, and took over 825 man-hours to build." And when it broke down, it WAS THROWN OUT WITH THE TRASH AND NEVER SEEN AGAIN. There is an interesting story about how DJ Gnosis wound up with this information, but I'm kind of tired. (Pictured, the real Foster Brooks. OR IS IT? It is. That's him on the left. The other guy is Marty Allen, of whom you've also never heard. And I guess that woman on the edge of the frame, the one you can see through, is some kind of ghost or something.)