Wednesday, October 11, 2006

"Blogging" in Crisis: Part One of a Projected Thousand-Part Series

There is a shortage of "bloggables." ("Bloggables" is a word I invented - as far as I know; I haven't "Googled" around for it yet - to describe a thing or idea that is worth "blogging" about.) In an effort reminiscent of that great statesman Peter Pan, I must ask everyone within range of my "blogging" to clap their hands together. Clap if you truly believe in "blogging"! Then maybe my "blog" will come back to life and flit about the room, bringing joy and whimsy to all. I mean, last night I was watching TV and thinking THIS? THIS is what I "blog" about for the people? This is not that good! The people deserve better! So I want every one of you to clap your hands and say "I DO believe in 'blogging'! I DO!" One way of metaphorically clapping your hands would be to email me something - a "bloggable," I call it in my whimsical fashion - that I could cut-and-paste directly into my "blog." It has worked in the past. Think of me as NPR, and this is the part where I ask for your help. Together, we can make "blogging" a reality!