Thursday, October 12, 2006


Y'all should go by the Dalton Gallery on the campus of Agnes Scott College, anytime between now and Nov. 20. They've put a nice show on the walls there, and were kind enough to ask me to participate. The work of several "Southern" writers has been placed in elegant little folders that you can take down and read. The writing part of the show is also on computers. I was trying to read the Roy Blount, Jr., piece and I did something bad to the computer and I was pretty sure I had broken the art. Then Theresa came over and fixed it. There are CD listening stations, too. I listened to a song by one of my favorite bands, Hubcap City. I'm missing their "gig" at A Cappella Books right now this very "blogging" minute, because I can only do one activity per day. Any more and I get the vapors. There was also some art at the art show! I greatly admired the vibrant paintings of Linda Anderson. The paper on the wall said they were meant to evoke her Southern childhood, but I saw lots of tigers and pandas with worried faces. They were cool! And you should definitely go into the room that contains what I like to call The Awesome Glass Bricks of Mystery. I forgot to check what it's really called, or who did it, but you really have to see it. You'll know what I'm talking about! You'll thank me! Hey, all this talk of art makes me think of a delightful anecdote of the kind that goes on a "blog." I had forcefully recommended the movie WEEKEND by Jean-Luc Godard (pictured) to my friend Mike Mitchell (you can see three of Mike's own movies on this "link"). The next time I called, Mike said he had watched the Godard. "What did you think?" I said. "Too much artsy, not enough fartsy," said Mike. Today's "blogging" tip: It's okay for friends to disagree!