Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Outpouring of Human Feeling Astonishes "Blogdom"

The "blog" drive has been going great, folks. I just want to thank all the volunteers who have been working their "behinds" off to find proper "blogging" material. Special "kudos" to longtime "blog" friend Kent Osborne, who has generously donated a portion of his OWN hard-earned "blog" for use on THIS "blog"! An offer of a kidney could hardly be greeted with more pleasure and gratitude. I have decided to quote the part that doesn't have cussing or bad activities in it. Now let's hear from Kent: "ok, so let's see, friday night i went to see THE DEPARTED with gareth and six (6) other bunkdancers. wow, what a turnout! we wanted to see it at the VISTA, but that was closed for a special screening, so unfortunately we had to go to the GROVE which is an alright place to see a movie, but it took an hour to get a table at the cheesecake factory and by the time our food came we only had like 5 minutes to get next door and find seats. i blame my good friend scott (partly because he's never on myspace, but mostly because it was TOTALLY his fault) anyway, (i don't feel bad about sleeping with his mother anymore, that's for sure) uh, let's see...i thought the movie was AWESOME." The savvier reader will note that I have left in one hint of bad activity, i.e., Kent's saucy implication of hanky-panky with a friend's silver-haired old dam. But Kent lives out in Hollywood, where such things are considered not only natural, but mandatory. None of this quibbling can negate the sheer charitable spirit with which Kent has given so freely of his "blog." I don't mean to embarrass him through my repeated touting of his virtues! But you see, on "myspace," where Kent's "blog" was originally posted, only specially registered "chums" of Kent are allowed to see his "blog." But now, thanks to newfangled technology and old-fashioned sharing, you can see it right here without filling out gloomy and debilitating "internet" forms which go directly into the wall safe of "myspace" owner Rupert Murdoch, who I am sure is a very nice man. Kent's "blog" went on to describe a party he attended with some people from Wisconsin. Details are forthcoming, as soon as the team has inspected them for profanity!