Monday, October 16, 2006

"Blogging" in Crisis: Part Two

A scarcity of "bloggables" continues to plague the "blogging" community. Today, right here in the Pendarvis Building, the tickertape machines have remained ominously silent. Nothing has come through on the subject of the Cyclops, or donuts, or any of the team's favorite topics. Small compensation last night as Theresa and I watched Martin and Lewis in LIVING IT UP on TCM... not quite the film to convert the skeptical into the Jerry fold. Later, calmer Jerry with less high-pitched screeching... THE ERRAND BOY, for example... that's the way to go. And in LIVING IT UP, Dino's role is noticably smaller than Jerry's, to the film's detriment. Though Janet Leigh looks lovely and fresh in some smart frocks. Yes, friends, this is what "blogging" has come to. Only you can help.