Monday, October 02, 2006

Plain Cake Donuts

The team here in the Pendarvis Building has just received word from an anonymous friend-of-the-blog who ate three plain cake donuts for breakfast Sunday morning and did not "settle down" (his or her words) until three that afternoon. Our thoughts and prayers go out to this person's family. He or she still considers plain cake donuts the best, an opinion with which I, speaking as blog team leader, concur. Plain cake donuts have always been my favorite. This is just one of the many things my anonymous friend and I have in common! This shy person, a recent transplant to upstate New York, tells the team that plain cake donuts are called "fry cake" donuts up there. Today's "blogging" tip: If you're in upstate New York, say "fry cake"! You'll be glad you did. P.S. I refer my anonymous friend, and all blog-readers, whether or not they are donut-eaters, to the pictured reference work. It should be noted that the donuts pictured are not plain cake or "fry cake" donuts.