Saturday, October 14, 2006

Honorable Mention

Exciting news here at the "blog," folks! We already have an honorable mention to award in our current caption contest. It seems that Caroline Young has correctly identified the site of the photo in question as "beneath a sculpture by a Belgian at the Burning Man Festival." Right you are, Caroline! Ms. Young's telegram goes on to say that she has heard the sculpture referred to as "The Belgian Waffle," whereas Caroline has always thought it to resemble, rather, "The Belgian Donut Hole," by which name she has secretly called it in the recesses of her brain. This, of course, ties in with our peculiar fascination with donuts here in the Pendarvis Building. So naturally an honorable mention was in order though, truth be told, Ms. Young did not provide a caption of any kind. Don't worry, gang, there's still plenty of time to wire in your entries - and plenty more honorable mentions to go around! Say, all this talk of donuts reminds us: Last week, Jeff McNeil - a frequent contributor to the "blog" - started a new route in the course of his duties with a major U.S. delivery service. It seems as if the donut shop on Jeff's old route bade him a fond farewell with a free lemon jelly donut. You see, folks, good things still happen in this nutty world of ours!