Monday, October 09, 2006

A Disturbing New Trend

Welcome to Chapter 12 of our wildly popular "blogging" series on writers and the comic books they cherished when they were young. John T. Edge (left; photo by Bruce Newman), an amazing writer by any standards, who just happens to specialize in food (as a way to explore culture and history, among other things), has declared his childhood affection for G.I. Joe (comic book version) and Richie Rich. The former penchant he shares with terrific novelist Jason Headley, the latter with Amanda Stern and Mark Childress. With this recent tabulation, Richie Rich comes a step closer to usurping the throne of literary influence from Archie Andrews of Riverdale High. I, your blogger, had a similar interest in Richie Rich, way back when. Now, as a man, I question my taste, and the pernicious influence of Mr. Rich's sick lifestyle on my impressionable young mind. I'm working on two novels right now, and Richie Rich figures into one, wherein a character goes off at some length on Mr. Rich and his hapless friends (such as Pee Wee, who, if memory serves, was forced to live in a garbage dump) and servants. Mr. Childress, however, has advised me not to give the "milk" away for free, in a "blogging" sense, so I'm afraid that everyone will just have to wait until my book comes out to study my devastating insights into the subject of Richie Rich. Mr. Childress, in fact, considers ALL blogging, I believe, to be a case of giving away the "milk" for free. But don't worry, world! There's plenty more free "milk" on the way... in the form of my "blog," that is!