Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Oppenheim Crestfallen

A heartbreaking wire from Phil Oppenheim, the brooding curmudgeon whose love of "Gilmore Girls" has long been a sunny respite from his bleak and bitter outlook on the state of modern entertainment. "Shame," reads his telegram in brief. The object of Oppenheim's wagging finger? Yes, the very same "Gilmore Girls." He casts shame upon that which erstwhile brought him his meagre joy! A classically tragic figure, then, this Oppenheim. The mission statement of this "blog" prevents anyone here at the Pendarvis Building from indulging in or perpetrating negativity (or do we mean "perpetuating"? We don't know!), so - despite rumblings of agreement in the mailroom and elsewhere - Oppenheim's statement cannot be elaborated upon here. We merely let it stand.