Monday, October 30, 2006

The Nine "Blog"mandments

It's embarrassing, really, the number of requests we've received here in the Pendarvis Building about gathering all my "hints" and "tips" on "blogging" into one "post" for handy reference. I've had some truly heartrending communiques from young men and women who tell me how my "cutting edge" approach to "blogging" has changed their lives. I always tell them, "Heck. It's just plain old common sense." And that blows their minds! Here they are, then, by popular demand, with "links" provided to put them into their original perspective - in this matter I am a strict constructionist! - The Nine "Blog"mandments: 1. Simply "click" on a highlighted word or phrase to be sent to a "link." 2. The internet is full of information. Check it out. 3. Check your favorite "blog" often or you might miss something. 4. It's okay for friends to disagree! 5. Remember: Cyclopes is the plural of Cyclops. 6. Life is not always about "blogs"! 7. Ask yourself before "blogging": How would Webern "blog"? 8. Get some Webern! 9. Use the word "blog" to create new words containing the word "blog." Think of the Smurfs and you will know what to do.