Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Green Acres or Ionesco? A Fun "Brainteaser"!

Well, folks, I'm going out of town again, and I didn't want you to feel lonely. So here's a little "quiz" you can take while I'm gone. Send in your answers, care of the "blog." I'll be giving out a prize for nicest try! All you have to do is guess which of the following scenes can be found in the plays of the great French absurdist Eugene Ionesco and which occurred in the classic American sitcom GREEN ACRES. It's just that simple. P.S.: I just "Googled" for "green acres" + ionesco and got 930 "hits." I guess I'm not so insightful after all! Or I should say, there are lots of insightful people in the world so hooray for us. One of them happens to be hilarious comedic actor Dave Foley, who mentions GREEN ACRES and Ionesco in the same breath in this interview. But that doesn't mean it's "fair game" to use the "internet" to help you win the prize! Let's all be good sports and do it the old-fashioned way, by using our "noggins." Answers will be supplied upon my return. Good luck! 1. A man, described as a cocktail waitress, sits silently under a sheet. 2. A toaster will only respond to the verbal command, "Five!" 3. A clock strikes 17 times. 4. A young man relishes a bowl of hot water. 5. Eggs are square. 6. A man is covered in a mountain of eggs. 7. A married couple do not recognize one another. 8. A man repeatedly and irrationally claims to be another man's son. 9. A tree disappears. 10. It rains inside a house. 11. A man obeys the commands of an unintelligible voice coming from a box.