Sunday, October 08, 2006

Writers and Their Comic Books, Part XI

I noticed on the "blog" of fellow "blogger" Pia Z. Ehrhardt that when she told me her favorite comic character was Mary Worth, she really meant to say "Brenda Starr." The stoic and resilient Ms. Ehrhardt vowed in full view of "blogdom" to stand by her commitment to Mary Worth, be it the result of whatever innocuous slip. But we cannot allow such holes in our important research, nor such calumny to be visited upon our friends! We hereby correct the record and blush at our eagerness to rush to press with inaccurate, if titillating, information. Bearing that in mind, we might also mention that we have not fact-checked the always impeccably accurate Tom Bissell as to the political leanings of certain soccer players, nor do we intend to.