Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Franklin Speaks Out on Superhero Love

Cornered at this weekend's Southern Foodways Symposium, the eyes of a garrulous Tom Franklin filled with manly moisture as... Okay. Several points. Number one, we realize that we have implied some sort of cornering of Mr. Franklin's eyes, as if they might be cornered apart from Mr. Franklin's body, or face, and that we need to consult the old Strunk and White to see how this matter might best be addressed. Furthermore, we have no idea what garrulous means. We hope it's something nice. What we really mean to say is, How about it, folks? Can you believe we're already on Chapter 13 of our continuing examination of today's finest writers and the comic books they loved as tykes? On the occasion in question, Mr. Franklin recounted his innocent and youthful fascination with the love affair between Green Arrow and Black Canary, the commencement of which indeed stunned the old "blogmaster" himself, when he stumbled across it - if memory serves - in the back pages of an issue of ACTION COMICS. Mr. Franklin's bawdy speculation upon the marital habits of Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Girl, however, cannot be reproduced here, but will be offered by the publishing arm of the "blog" as a limited edition "chapbook" bound in plain brown paper.