Sunday, October 08, 2006

Television Achieves Greatness

Here in the Pendarvis Building we're all getting ready for Tuesday night, when THE GILMORE GIRLS and VERONICA MARS on "The CW" will be followed (on NBC) by Jerry Lewis' guest-starring role on LAW & ORDER: SVU! This is all too good to be true. But it is! It is true! We're pinching ourselves, and each other, over and over in a sad and lethargic way. Okay, I can no longer explain to a living soul about THE GILMORE GIRLS, it's too late, you'll never catch up now. If you start, you won't care. And why should you? You have important things on your mind! Never mind that a famed crank like Phil Oppenheim has a soft spot for the Gilmore Girls and has even defended the logy season-in-progress. Look, please don't watch THE GILMORE GIRLS! I'm tired of your mockery and grief, world! I give up! You win! You've taken away my innocent happiness! Good for you! But you MUST LOVE JERRY LEWIS! I really love him, not in a cute or ironic way. I notice that when a comedian like Dennis Miller or Conan O'Brien or the South Park people want to say something really witty about France, they mention that country's famous love of Jerry Lewis. Nothing against Mr. Miller or O'Brien or those other folks, who I suppose have striven with all their little hearts to bring joy and laughter into the world for working stiffs like you and me, but I contend that Jerry Lewis lives somewhere above any such smart, stale reference. Anyway, why are they picking on Jerry Lewis? It's like, Ha ha ha, French people like you - zing! I know he's done some weird stuff that seems bad, but even that aspect of his work can be fascinating and entertaining. And his funny stuff is truly funny. Give him a chance, people. Friend-of-the-blog Jeff McNeil and I have often commiserated over the painful experience of forcing a squirming friend or loved one to watch a Jerry Lewis movie. Mr. McNeil and I, you see, have trained ourselves to appreciate the uncomfortable parts so we can get to the incredible parts. Try it at home! It's easy and fun! Mr. McNeil draws your attention to the furniture and carpeting in THE PATSY, and the scene in which Stanley Belt (Lewis) tries to tell a joke, a scene which Mr. McNeil wishes would last for 90 minutes. Mr. McNeil has reported driving to work and bursting into laughter at the mere memory of that scene. Okay, that's all I have to say about Jerry Lewis... for today. And I hope that I have successfully courted the youthful demographic by typing the name Jerry Lewis one million times. Between Jerry and the Gilmore Girls, I guess everyone is against me. But I'm sure we can all agree on Veronica Mars, so let's focus on that.