Sunday, October 22, 2006

Jeff McNeil Is Not a Raving Lunatic

Jeff McNeil formatted his recent contribution to the "blog" quite properly and with astonishing deftness and verve. It is the fault of the "blogmaster" alone that it appeared to contain no paragraph breaks. The "blogmaster," it must now be confessed, does not know how to "do" paragraphs on the "internet." The keen observer will note that not a single of this "blog's" many entries is broken into paragraphs. This was not, alas, a decision brought about by artsiness and daring, but evidence of a particular brand of incompetence for which there is no remedy. We deeply regret any damage to Mr. McNeil's reputation as a stylist. On the bright side, those of you with a printer and some scissors can have loads of fun trying to rearrange the piece into its correct layout. Another "fun project" from your friends in the Pendarvis Building!