Saturday, December 01, 2007

"Blog" Movie Club 6

Welcome to the sixth part of our continuing series on the favorite films of our special "blog" friends. "Click" here if you missed part five, which was not numbered. Laura Lippman: "Favorite FAVORITE is Citizen Kane, but that's so boring I'm going to say Miller's Crossing." Mark Childress: "The Wizard of Oz. Just watched this last week with a six-year-old seeing it for the first time, and was struck again how tightly constructed it is. Not a spare frame of film. Suspense, comedy, sentiment, magic, and Harold Arlen's songs: big-studio movie perfection in 101 minutes." McNeil: "I guess it would have to be between The Graduate and Out of the Past...Two movies which can't compete against each other because they are from such very different places - which I can't articulate until I finish my coffee...maybe."