Monday, December 10, 2007

Fancy That

Hello, everyone. I have "fancied up" my "myspace" page considerably. It all started when I decided that the "blog" advent calendar entry for December 8th - a talented young woman performing a Britney Spears number on her strangely shaped and charmingly decorated ukulele - deserved especial enshrinement. After that, I thought, Hey. My "myspace" page would also be a good spot for that clip of Sonny Rollins that I "posted" on the "blog" at McNeil's request, and which made me so very happy. The floodgates were opened, friends. I found myself decorating my "myspace" page with many, many more clips of "fave" things, such as Bob Hope and Bing Crosby doing a purposefully corny and highly enjoyable little number in THE ROAD TO UTOPIA, and a generous sampling of Messiaen. Yes, you can now spend literally minutes looking at my "myspace" page.