Saturday, December 01, 2007

What Movies Do Musicians Like?

Our secret contact in the band Hubcap City has stepped up to join our "blog" movie club. He reports: "My favorite movie always changes. I'm always drawn to movies with good scores and soundtracks. Man With the Golden Arm is a movie I think about a lot. It's got a great score, plus Sinatra's a junkie! But it's not my favorite movie anymore. My favorite movie, as of the past week and a half, is Children of Paradise. I saw this for the first time over Thanksgiving. It's a three hour epic. It's also got a soundtrack filled with trumpet music. The Paris tavern scene has a band made up of trumpet, flute, and a guy who plays one big bass drum. So, that's my favorite movie for now: Children of Paradise." EDITOR'S NOTE: The Sinatra movie costars "blog" hero Arnold Stang - the first on our list so far to do so.