Saturday, December 01, 2007

Tom Bissell's Movies for Every Occasion

Part seven of our in-depth series. "I have a rotation of favorite movies, depending on my mood," says award-winning fiction writer, essayist, memoirist and world traveler Tom Bissell. "For when I'm depressed and want the vague reassurance of childhood that life will be somehow better at some later point, The Empire Strikes Back. When I want to feel brooding and doomed, The English Patient. When I want to feel like a (more or less) mature creator, The White Diamond [by "blog" "fave" Werner Herzog. Not to be confused with the similarly titled 2007 documentary on Kylie Minogue (!!) - ed.]. When I want to feel scared and sick, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre [not to be confused with Texas Chainsaw Massacre IV - ed.]. When I want to laugh, A Fish Called Wanda or The Life of Brian. And when I want to feel good (and it's a recent one), Hot Fuzz." We'll be back tomorrow with more "fave" movies of more "blog" "faves." What will the bird correspondent pick? Tune in tomorrow to find out! Meanwhile, get ready for a very special holiday feature of the "blog." (Pictured, Kylie Minogue.)