Sunday, December 02, 2007

Official Analysis of the Viewing Habits of Farmers and Doctors

I know you have been waiting to hear from the always engaging Dr. "M." on our current topic of concern. With no further ado, then, this "post" will seamlessly merge into the words of Dr. "M." like so: "Favorite movie may be REAR WINDOW? AMELIE as well. My favorite movies to watch shamelessly on Saturday mornings (not that you asked!): DIRTY DANCING, STEEL MAGNOLIAS, and SAY ANYTHING. I should be ashamed, but no one puts me in a corner. [The Farmer] does not have an answer at this time, but I suspect his answer may be THE BLUES BROTHERS or THIS IS SPINAL TAP. He and I are watching my (signed!) copy of HAIRSPRAY (the original) as I type. Pia Zadora--what a card! The advent calendar rules!!!!!!!!!!! Yours, M" EDITOR'S NOTES: The eleven exclamation points are Dr. "M.'s." Also, I think we would all like to learn of the circumstances under which she and the Farmer received a signed copy of HAIRSPRAY.