Wednesday, May 02, 2007

From Dr. "M."

There is no reason for me to take out my confusion about "blogging" on Dr. "M." and our other innocent correspondents. Here, then, I present a message from Dr. "M.": "I just wanted to echo my blog colleague Theresa's assessment of Dirty Dancing," Dr. "M." writes, "and I also would like to thank her for putting up with my catcalling, whooping, and cheering at last night's screening on the film. Despite our near-death experiences on the way to the theater, including almost getting sideswiped by two--count them, two!--semis and my almost driving straight into a roadblock that clearly said STOP to everyone but me AND despite my fear of the Atlantic Station underground parking lot (it's so big and scary!!) AND despite the fact that my windshield is covered in some sap that made driving very difficult, it turned out to be a magical evening in which we enjoyed made-on-the-spot guacamole at our pre-screening meal and the hot, steamy, and downright 'dirty' dancing that lends itself to the film's title. The theater was packed with women of all ages, many of whom seemed to giggle uncontrollably throughout the showing. Was I one of those ladies? I'll never tell! Perhaps the crowning moment of the evening was when Johnny (Swayze) states the classic line, 'Nobody puts Baby in the corner,' and the entire theater erupted into cheers. You tell 'em, Johnny! On another note, I am sad I had to miss what sounds like a stellar episode of the Gilmores. Of course I was having 'the time of my life' at DD, and I did get to see Emily Gilmore on screen in the role of Baby's mother, Marge Houseman." Thanks, Dr. "M."! You remind us of what "blogging" is all about, or what we THOUGHT "blogging" was all about but now our head hurts.