Saturday, May 26, 2007

Jeff McNeil's Island Breezes

We now present for the first time on any "blog" anywhere a brand new feature that we feel sure will become a "fave" of all concerned: "Jeff McNeil's Island Breezes." Jeff McNeil enjoys maps and globes. This morning he was looking at a globe whilst eating breakfast and chanced upon a South Pacific island with which he was unfamiliar: Pitcairn Island. According to a phone conversation with Mr. McNeil earlier this evening, Pitcairn Island - according to his subsequent research - is where Fletcher Christian and some other BOUNTY mutineers fled when they were being sought in Tahiti. The island has a population of about 50, many of whom are descendants of Fletcher Christian. There's a jail on the island but it hasn't been used since 1922. And I believe there is one store, which is open two days a week. And no "blogs," I assume! Gosh, I wonder how they make it, what with "blogs" being so important and everything. Now none of this is from Wikipedia, mind you. This is from my leisurely conversation with Jeff McNeil about things he had looked up on the "internet." It makes me happy to imagine a future in which people will pass down - around campfires (or over phones) - oral histories of things they found on the "internet." Mr. McNeil's favorite information about Pitcairn Island came from this "link" to which I am "linking" for you now (please "click" with your "clicker"). It repays reading in detail. Please enjoy! For our next installment of "Jeff McNeil's Island Breezes," Mr. McNeil promises some fascinating data about a particular deserted island in the south Atlantic. Stay tuned! (P.S. This is a mere avocation for Mr. McNeil, and has nothing to do with his big, secret project to which we have alluded here recently.)