Sunday, May 13, 2007

More Things I Can't Do

First let me say that the intersection of Gershwin and the "blog" has turned absolutely preternatural and shivery. Why, did you know that Gershwin wrote a show called PRIMROSE for the impresario George Grossmith? That's right, the SON of the George Grossmith we have mentioned on this very "blog." Okay, put that together with donuts (a "blog" favorite immortalized by Gershwin in song) and sneezes (a primary concern of the "blog," likewise immortalized) and you must agree that the universe is focusing all of its powers on the "blog" for some reason we may never understand. (Note: if you wonder why I put PRIMROSE and SON in caps, it is because I have not mastered the use of "italics" on the "blog." I am not trying to be "cute"! For similar reasons, as I should have mentioned in my last "post," I have not been able to shift to Eastern time for the purpose of accurately pinpointing the exact moment of each and every thought I have and duly record on the "blog.") This has been one in a series of reports on things I can't do. I bid you good day. (Pictured, Heather Thatcher, who starred as the fetching and troublesome Pinkie Peach in PRIMROSE.)