Monday, May 21, 2007

The Influence of Jerry Lewis on American Literature

Okay, we're permanently and completely lifting our ban on talking about what books we're reading, though we still maintain that nobody cares. Anyway, ANAGRAMS by Lorrie Moore is quite a novel. It may even be experimental! I had to read Chapter One and the first part of Chapter Two a couple of times before I "got it" -- but after that, smooth sailing! I should emphasize that it's very accessible once you submit to it. Don't be afraid! Plus Ms. Moore is funny. I started laughing with the TITLE of the first chapter, but I won't spoil it for you here. Hey, remember THE COUNTERLIFE by Philip Roth? I'm not sure the comparison works; I'm no English professor! I may not even be a "litblogger" - the jury's still out. I do have to mention, though, with a considerable amount of relish and justification, that the long second part of ANAGRAMS begins with three epigraphs, two of which are by "blog" "faves" Lewis Carroll and Jerry Lewis. Furthermore, the Jerry Lewis quotation, which ends with the question, "What's the truth, anyhow?" has some bearing on Mr. Lewis's world view, as explored and discussed in previous "blog" "posts." This has been one in a series of reports on things that influence other things. Thank you.