Wednesday, May 09, 2007

"Blog" Grudgingly Acknowledges 700th "Post"

The "post" titled "Allan Pinkerton" was our 700th. We're afraid these last hundred "posts" have been an iffy batch at best. Perhaps we got off on the wrong foot with the sour, defeated tone of our 600th "post." With the loss of two of our most useful crutches - "posting" pictures of Lizabeth Scott and counting cigarette holders for no apparent reason - it might be that our howling emptiness was made manifest. Or perhaps the discovery of Woody Woodbury's writing style made our whole exercise seem moot. "What IS a 'blog'?" we seemed to whine over and over again. Well, later today, if we work up enough energy, we'll try to "link" to some so-called "highlights" of the last hundred "posts." But don't hold your breath.