Monday, May 28, 2007

The "Blog" Encompasses All

"Only connect!" said E.M. Forster, and we have no idea what he was talking about, unless it has something to do with "blogging." For we must at last acknowledge that the "blog" seems to hold a special place in cosmology. Everything revolves around it. As we have postulated before, the "blog" encompasses all. Witness: the analogous careers of Wally Cox and Charles Nelson Reilly. Contemplate: Sheri Joseph enjoyed Underdog and the Disney version of Robin Hood. Is it mere coincidence that Wally Cox did the voice of Underdog and Charles Nelson Reilly's father, an artist, was offered a job by Walt Disney himself? Finally, consider: Charles Nelson Reilly was born in the Bronx, and the chimp we have been "blogging" about so much was once liberated by its human chum from the Bronx Zoo. Yes, apply a little research and you will find that the "blog" is the center of the universe.