Tuesday, May 29, 2007

If This Isn't Something to "Blog" About, I Don't Know What Is

Well, I was just over at A Cappella Books for the friendly browsing session I indulge in almost every day... you know, it's not a huge place... if there are a couple of other customers, you're going to bump into them. So there was one other guy shopping for books and he had three or four friends who were just kind of moping around. And the other guy so very interested in literature this evening was... BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN! I had to sneak a hundred looks at him before I believed it. I was stymied with admiration. My brain told me to gingerly pluck my book off the shelf and slip it into his stack, and then probably his next CD would be named after it, but I decided to go with the whole "do nothing, say nothing" strategy. So I waited until he left and one of his helpers paid for all his books and carried them out and I said to the guy behind the counter, "I'm not crazy, right?" And the guy said, "Right." And we both stood there shaking our heads trying to believe what we had seen.