Saturday, May 26, 2007


As the official publication date of my new book draws ever nearer, the ugly side of the "blog" - the side that wants to trick you into buying the book - will only become more monstrously apparent. That is why I hope to build a little oasis here, in the middle of the crassness. This "post" will contain "links" to several earlier "posts" that have nothing whatsoever to do with my book. I will include a "link" here every time I mention my book in the future, so that those who would rather entertain themselves in an uncommercial way may spend hours of fun on the "blog" with no fear of commerce. Here, then, are some fun no-pressure "links" to enjoy: "The Wine That Tasted Like Banana Popsicles" -- "The Parrot That Cursed During Andrew Jackson's Funeral" -- "Some Good Donut Holes" -- "Diet Ginger Ale" -- "Parsnips" -- "Taffy" -- "A Finger Injury" -- "Another Finger Injury" -- "Stuff That Philosophers Talk About!" -- "Account of a Soccer Match" -- "Some Comic Strips About Soccer" -- "Explanation of a Tragic Cyborg" -- "The Films of Fred Ott". Okay, they're not all winners, but at least they're not about my book or why you should buy it.