Thursday, May 24, 2007

Whatever Happened To Jeff McNeil?

Many "blog" readers are concerned about the long absence (except in passing) of "Blog" Buddy Jeff McNeil. He's fine, everybody! He's working on a new project that I don't want to jinx. All of our recent conversations have been about it. I can say no more. Except: Jeff McNeil has about ten good ideas every day. I read a draft of a novel by him several years ago, for example, and two of the wild, speculative ideas he put forth in it have already come true! I read about one of them in the Science section of the New York Times about two years after Jeff had postulated it... and saw another one on a beer commercial. I can say no more. Except: his idea for winning at craps (not one of the two ideas previously mentioned) works like gangbusters. McNeil is a regular Jules Verne... or an Edgar Allan Poe, whose "Eureka!" predicted - by sheer imaginative moxy - black holes and a lot of other stuff I'll never understand. Anyway, Jeff's not going to let NASA steal the thunder of his new idea. I predict you'll hear about it soon! (Pictured, a community theater production of AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS, by Jeff McNeil's progenitor, Jules Verne.)